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    MeleeAttachment:Just add for him permission: Code (Text): -crackshot.use.all Add that "-" there and after that crackshot.use.all --> /pex user (player) add -crackshot.use.all -- > /pex group (group) add -crackshot.use.all #11 DeeCaaD, Jan 26, 2016 ParticleHeadshot:PotionEffectVictim:SignShops: Enable: Price: OR SignGunID: For example, if you fired a Bazooka or threw a Grenade from outside of a restricted region, the projectile will not explode if it lands inside the restricted regionBy setting BonusDamagePerTick: to a negative value, and not providing a value for MinimumDamage, the range of a weapon can be severely limited; perfect for short-ranged shotgunsSkip to content Features Business Explore Marketplace Pricing This repository Sign in or Sign up Eggs are just as recommended as snowballs


    Whether or not backstabs should be taken into considerationYou may specify multiple regions by separating each region with a vertical bar If set to true, the player must crouch by sneaking before being able to shootNote: With FireRate: 16, the weapon will shoot once every tickExamples:MeleeMode:landmine - This sound will be played when the mine is triggered by an enemy, alerting the mine-placer to possible victims(Unless ReloadWithMouse: true) You can drop weapons normally by dragging them out of your inventorytrap - This sound will be played when a booby trap is triggered by either a player opening a chest containing a booby trap, a victim stepping on a pressure-plate within four blocks of an item-frame booby trap, or a player picking up a booby trap itemThe amount of zoom the scope offersNoRecoil:This player successfully uses the shield to block 4 units of damageThis applies to the entire weapon, even explosions caused by itIf true, will attempt make the spawned entities target the victimSimple and light weightAttachments (weapons with Type: accessory) do not require any other nodes in the ItemInformation module except for the ones in the Attachments sectionThis means having a value of 6 for NumberOfSplits and a value of 5 for NumberOfBomblets will equate to a total of 15,625 (5) bomblets and consequent explosions!The spread of the projectiles fired while sneakingWhether or not critical hits should be taken into considerationryandylan99 Location: Candy Land Join Date: 5/11/2014 Posts: 3 Member Details #30 ryandylan99 View User Profile Send Message Posted Jun 15, 2015 i made a YOUTUBE TUTORIAL for this video i hope you watch it and enjoy! Please hit the like and subscribe button if you think it really helped you 583ae2174f

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